Google Cayley graph database tutorial - family tree

This tutorial is an introduction to graph databases using a hypothetical family tree as our data.

We will use Google Cayley open-source graph database that comes with a built-in query editor and a visualizer called SigmaJS. The Cayley server will be compiled and run in a virtual machine setup as an Otto Go application.

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genhttplogs - Node.js script that generates HTTP access logs

I have built a better Node.js script to generate HTTP access log using faker and strftime packages, closer to a real Apache access log.

You can download this script from my GitHub, I’ve created over there a new project called genhttplogs.

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D3.js World Map Real-Time Data Visualizations

This is a quick introduction to data visualizations using the D3.js JavaScript library, Node.js open source runtime system and the Node Package Manager (npm).

The scenario for this tutorial is that we have a website with good traffic and want to see real-time what countries our visitors come from.

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Installing a self-hosted GitLab server and testing Continuous Integration

In this tutorial we’ll install the GitLab Community Edition repository manager in a virtual machine, setup the continuous integration tool that comes with it (GitLab CI) and push through Git a minimal test suite from the host OS to see how a successful/failed commit works.

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