Installing a self-hosted GitLab server and testing Continuous Integration

In this tutorial we’ll install the GitLab Community Edition repository manager in a virtual machine, setup the continuous integration tool that comes with it (GitLab CI) and push through Git a minimal test suite from the host OS to see how a successful/failed commit works.

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HashiCorp Otto for Windows unofficial update

In my first tutorial I had to make a small hack to start the development environment with Otto on the Windows 7 host machine. The ‘otto dev’ command was crashing because the quotes in the compiled ‘Vagrantfile’ were wrong.

A good samaritan made updated binaries available for Windows (both 32 and 64-bit).

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Laravel 5.2 ElasticSearch implementation

I’ve started to write this tutorial after I had some trouble following an article that’s a bit outdated but still a good reference to Laravel and ElasticSearch.

To make things more interesting and challenging I’ve used Otto to build the development environment.

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